Being Healthy and staying health is hard work!

When this doesn’t work out , it’s nice to get some help.  STADS Physiotherapy and STADS Occupational therapy are here to help you get moving again. 

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Physiotherapy: Smooth movement

Expert and personal advice, treatment and exercises help you to move freely again. You will gain insight into the cause of your complaints and learn how you can work on your recovery. You don’t need a doctors referral to make an appointment.

What do you think about STADS?

Lea, 46 yrs old

“I’d been struggling with low back problems for over 20 years.  At STADS I learned to understand what was the cause my complaints and what my role in my pain was through the things I did or didn’t do. I feel like I’m no longer depended on therapy.“

Marcel, 32 yrs old

“Thanks to my occupational therapist I managed to get a grip on the sensory processing problems which have been limiting me after an accident. After spending over a year in the dark, I’m now working again.

Occupational therapy: balance your energy

Are fattige, concentration problems or overstimulation holding you back? For example after an accident, disease or depression? Occupational therapy helps you to balance your energy, helps you relax and stimulate recovery both mentally and physically.

Fysiotherapeut neemt intake af bij STADS Fysiotherapie
Inge Alonso Janssen ergotherapeut
Angelique Bastiaans ergotherapeut
Hilde van den Broek Fysiotherapeut
Rick van Tilburg Fysiotherapeut

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