Physiotherapy in Eindhoven

Fysiotherapie STADS helps you to restore movement and function after injury, illness or surgery, but also provides support in case of (chronic)painsyndromes, dizziness or headaches.

STADS uses an holistic approach working together with occupational therapists, physicians, medical specialists, psychologists and dietician. We provide therapy without waiting lists with a focus on long term quality of life and helping you in staying healthy and active.

Message or call 040 311 11 51 for an appointment.

Occupational therapy in Eindhoven

Ergotherapie STADS helps you when or cognitive changes of physical problems like chronic pain of fatigue prevent you from doing the things that matter to you.

Using a combination of therapeutic activities, excercices (and in some cases the use of and aid, brace or splint) we help you to get to your prefered level of functioning at home, workplace, study and sport.

Message or call 040 311 11 51 for an appointment.